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Tom Watkins has, over the last 35 years, heard and decided more than 500 cases representing a wide variety of unions, employers, industries and issues.  He also has over 40 published awards.

INDUSTRIES - Airlines, agriculture, aluminum, automotive, bakery, beverage, building products, brewery, chemicals, clothing, coal, communications, construction, education, electrical equipment, federal government (defense, veterans affairs, etc.), food glass, health care, hotels, machinery, maritime, meat packing, metal fabrication, mining, municipal government, office workers/clerical, packaging, petroleum, plastics, police and fire, prison guards, retail stores, transportation, trucking and storage, utilities, warehousing.

ISSUES - Affirmative action, absenteeism, arbitrability, bargaining unit work, conduct, demotion, discipline and discharge, discrimination, drug/alcohol abuse, fringe benefits (bonus, holidays, insurance, leave, vacation, etc.), harassment, health and hospitalization, hiring practices, job performance, job posting/bidding, jurisdictional disputes, layoffs/bumping/ recall, management rights, “official” time, past practices, pension/welfare plans, promotion, retirement, safety/health conditions and violations, seniority, strikes/lockouts, subcontracting, tenure/reappointment, transfer, union security, wages (COL, holiday pay, incentives, job classification/rates, merit pay, overtime, severance, vacation, etc.), work assignments/schedule, working conditions, work orders, violence/threats.

Professional Organizations

  • National Academy of Arbitrators.  Elected 1987

  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

  • Member, National Labor Arbitration Panel, 1977-present.

  • Industrial Relations Research Association.
          President, Rocky Mountain Chapter,
         Board of Directors, 1979-1993.
         Program Chair, 1975-1977.

  • Director, representation elections, Coors Brewery and IBT, 1988, 1995.

  • Membership: Association for Conflict Resolution (formerly SPIDR)